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Are you skilled with a camera and enjoy creating videos for business professional marketing content? If so, we want to talk with you.​

Perimeter Brand

​As a locally owned company we are committed to excellence, which has helped to propel the Perimeter brand as the top-rated online roofing and home restoration company in Central Virginia.


Applicant Requirements

Part Time at $8 - $15 / hour

Up to 32 Hours weekly

Weekly Pay Schedule

Potential for Full Time based on performance

1-3 Years Related Experience

Valid driver's license

Dependable vehicle

Pass background check

Job Description

General Definition Of Work

Create compelling video + photography content and assist Marketing Director in overall marketing plan.

Description Of Duties

  • Post produce all video content captured to create highly professional marketing content.

  • Drive to job sites to capture high quality video and photos.

  • Attend all Perimeter events to capture high quality video and photos.

  • Attend weekly Networking groups to capture high quality video and photos.

  • Keep company portraits up to date.

  • Oversee lifestyle photography of owners, staff and installers.

  • Write relevant blog articles for consistent new website content.

  • Assist Marketing Director with Social Media content and scheduled posting.

  • Assist Marketing Director with website creation.

  • Assist Marketing Director with graphic design creation.

  • Assist Marketing Director with all Social Media ad campaigns.

  • Canvas neighborhoods with promotional material.

  • Place yard signs along designated route.


  • Maintain company reputation of integrity.

  • Maintain professionalism in communication, punctuality, and prompt response.

  • Communicate with all employees in a positive and respectful manner.

Skills Needed

  • Proficiency in Adobe Suite and/or Final Cut Pro for video creation.

  • Camera equipment including lenses to capture high quality video and photo.

  • Excellent time management.

  • Works the necessary hours to perform all duties and responsibilities in a timely manner.

  • Assists in the development and implementation of new systems.

  • Participates in planning company growth and development.

  • Self-motivated. 

  • Strong written and verbal skills.

  • Personable and professional image.


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John Mark Pantana




Are you a professional individual that values integrity, workmanship and customer care? Click below to find out more about our available positions.

Need more details?

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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