Solar Energy Systems

by Perimeter Roofing

How Solar Pays Off

Installing Solar panels can put cash back in your wallet. Government regulations, recent legislation and tax exemptions have incentivized going solar.  

30% of Cost Tax Credit
Local Property Tax Exemptions
Virginia Energy Rebates

Energy Bill

Fighting the cost of today

The average annual energy expenditure per home is over $1,401. Installing enough solar panels to cover your electric bill would obliterate your electric bill. Some customers even generate more energy than they need, storing this energy in a grid for later. 


Relieving the planet's ozone

Traditional energy systems emit harmful gases which are the driving factors in the global air pollution and climate crisis. This means traditional systems don't create clean air for your family. Solar energy systems are a no-pollution technology, keeping your family healthy. 


Thanking you for going solar

On the local and federal level, tax credits and rebates are a huge benefit to solar panel system installations. Whatever your equipment and installation cost is, you will qualify for a 30% federal income tax credit. If a solar system costs you $25,000, you will get $7,500 back. 

Perimeter Roofing recognizes that the energy, engineering and technology worlds are changing every day. We want to help you keep your home as energy efficient and up-to-date with the times.
Adding Solar Panels to your home, combined with Perimeter Roofing's professional installation and customer services makes for a long-lasting customer satisfaction guaranteed. Schedule an inspection online or give us a call for more information.

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