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Josh Redmond

Josh Redmond is a top-ranked realtor in the Central Virginia area who successfully helps his clients to buy and sell homes. Josh has experience with renovating homes and managing investment and rental property. His top priority is finding the right home for each client! 

Josh uses and recommends Perimeter Roofing because they are reliable and do quality work! The old adage is true, “You get what you pay for,” so why not use a trustworthy business when it comes to one of your home’s biggest investments?

Josh Redmond Realtor
Mickey Herzing Realtor

Mickey Herzing

Mickey Herzing, with his 30+ years of experience in the world of real Estate, currently holds his license as a Realtor & Associate Broker at Mark A. Dalton and Company, Inc.

Mickey’s above and beyond work ethic and expertise has allowed him to grow his business year after year to become the Top Zillow.com Realtor in Lynchburg.

Donna Fitch

Five years of experience in commercial real estate, four years of experience as a financial analyst, master’s degree in accounting, six years of cultural experience with global connections and the skills acquired while managing my own investment properties these past three decades.

Without hesitation, Perimeter Roofing is my "go to" roofing company; they're professional, organized, and operate from a sound business plan offering high quality service and product.  I like working with folks with integrity and these guys certainly have it.  As an established commercial realtor, I'm thrilled to endorse Perimeter Roofing.

Donna Fitch Realtor

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