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Winter Is Here!

Winter is upon us. In addition to our last blog, 5 Tips To Winterize Your Home, here are 3 more tips to prepare for the winter weather.

Curb Appeal

1. Watch The Trees

Does your home have large trees close to the roof? Make sure that the branches are sturdy enough to withstand large amounts of snow. Branches can easily snap when burdened with heavy snow and put a heavy weight on your roofing system. You may need to trim your branches down or prepare to remove the snow from the branches.

2. Clean Your Fireplace

Fireplaces only get used a few times a year and so when you go to turn them on, you expect it to work with no problems. Nothing is worse than crafting the perfect cup of hot cocoa, searching everywhere for the perfect holiday movie and curling up with the perfect fuzzy blanket just to find out that the fireplace needs to be cleaned. Do it sooner rather than later!

Residue, dust and debris will build up over time so it is best to test run your fireplace before the temperature drops in December. Perimeter Roofing can re-flash your chimney, give us a call and we can take a look at your chimney and give you a free estimate.

3. Prepare For A Power Outage

Designate a few flashlights, battery operated string lights, batteries, pocket warmers, cans of food and bottles of water in a water proof, plastic container in your house for the unlikely chance that the power may cut off. You should know where a cooler is, to that perishable food doesn’t go bad. You also want to have a few extra containers of gas for your car on hand. If you know your area has problems with power in the winter, consider buying a backup generator.

These are just a few tips to help you and your family enjoy your winter season. For more tips, check out your insurance agencies website for more information.