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Which Metal Roof Is Best For You?

Metal roofing systems are low maintenance and have outstanding longevity. They will often last over 50 years without any corrosion or damage. The longevity is credited to the quality of the company installing the roof and the durability of the actual metal product, which can withstand strong wind, fire, mildew, hail, snow, rodents and debris. Metal roofing systems also can save you money on your energy bill. Metal reflects more solar radiation than asphalt roofing systems and can save you up to 40% in air conditioning costs. Not to mention, the nostalgia and beautiful aesthetic. So what kind of metal roofs are there? And how much more does metal cost compared to a shingle roof?

Standing Seam Metal Roof

Perimeter Roofing VA offers two options for residential metal roofing systems: Tuff Rib (29 Gauge) and Standing Seam (26 and 24 Gauge). Both options will reduce the energy costs of your home, come with a 40-year warranty, and are offered in a variety of colors.

Standing Seam (26 and 24 Gauge)

Standing Seam Metal Roof Cabin Forest Green
This cabin is topped with a forest green Standing Seam metal roofing system.

The edges of a metal panel are called seams. On any building project the seam is the most likely entry place for water. Standing Seam gets it name from the raised ridge which protects the fasteners from any possible water entry. There are no exposed screws on a standing seam roofing system. Additionally, Standing Seam will run vertically on your home which totally eliminates all horizontal seams. We recommend standing seam metal systems over TuffRib.

TuffRib (29 Gauge)

TuffRib Metal Panel
TuffRib Panel

TuffRib, also called MasterRib, is a thinner gauge metal than Standing Seam (don’t let the Gauge numbers fool you, the higher the Gauge, the thinner the metal) and comes in 3 foot steel panels. These panels are economical, sturdy and a popular choice for metal roofing because of the cost efficiency. A TuffRib roofing system is fastened by exposed neoprene screws. You'll need to ensure your installer is professional and takes the time to install each panel correctly to avoid any leaks from the exposed screws. TuffRib is the easiest on the wallet among all metal roofing systems.

Metal Shingles

We also offer metal Matterhorn shingles, which imitates the look of slate, cedar shake or Spanish tile. Matterhorn metal shingles have the best warranty in the business with a true lifetime warranty. You can view each style and all available color options on our metal page.