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Repair Vs. Replace

Four things to consider when evaluating your home exterior.


Repair is less expensive than replacement but will be a waste of money if replacement is the right choice. Always consider the long-term solution when determining the cost to repair or replace. Will you need to do another repair shortly after? Working with one of our experienced repair specialists will help you make the best decision for your home.


When it comes down to repairing vs. replacing safety should always be kept in mind. Is repairing this product going to keep my family or property safe from more damage? Does holding off on replacing this product feel like a gamble? These questions will help you assess the risk level of each item and will give you more peace of mind by making an informed decision.


Asking the question of age is very important when making your decision, as it’s difficult to match sun-faded colors with new products. In addition, the building materials made today are superior to the older products of yesterday. Shingle warranties used to be 25 and 30 years, but now they are lifetime. If you are unsure if it’s too old, it probably is! We will give you an honest and professional opinion to help you make the best decision when choosing to repair or replace.


Considering efficiency matters. How effective and efficient is your product currently? How much money will I save in the long run? Will I have to worry about this issue again in the future? Addressing these types of questions will help you figure out whether to repair or replace and help you figure out the cost.


Call us today for your free inspection and let one of our trained experts help you determine what's best for you. We'd love to help! (434) 515-2868