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Do Your Gutters Gotta Go?

Gutter system
The fall season is a good time to clean your gutters

Gutters, mostly hidden from eyes on the ground, are an essential part of the exterior of the home. Gutters and their downspouts keep water away from your home, without them, the homes foundation can suffer from water damage. Without proper gutter maintenance, the wooden boards that keep them in place can rot and deteriorate.

So what happens when gutters reach their breaking point?

Here are 6 signs you need new gutters.

Gutter guards
Perimeter Roofing offers premium gutter guards

1. The landscaping or flower beds around your home are too often flooded.

Water will freely flow over clogged gutters and spill down the sides of the home and pools in landscaping. If you notice the landscaping around your home is suspiciously flooded or starting to erode, be sure to check your gutters. This can be solved by unclogging them, but if too far gone, you may need to replace your gutter system altogether.

2. There are cracks in the homes foundation.

Gutters are meant to move water away from the house, but if the gutters are clogged, water can more easily sneak its way into the homes foundation and start to pool. If left unchecked for too long, cracks in the foundation can cause mold in the most important part of your home. Sometimes, this pooling and cracking will result in a collapse of your home. Check your basement for leaks or pooling.

3. The roof is leaking!

Leaks coming from the ceiling are an obvious sign that your gutters are broken and badly need to be replaced. If the gutters are broken or clogged, gallons of water will sit in the gutter trough, which sits against the roof. Overtime, your roof will rot and you’ll be dealing with a leak.

4. Your house smells like mildew.

When water gets into crevices in your home, it will create mold and mildew. If your house starts to smell like moldy, it might be because your gutters are not moving water away from your home.

5. Birds and insects are starting to hang out more.

If birds and insects are starting to make nests on your roof or around your gutters, it may be because the gutters are full of moist leaves, the perfect habitat for pesky critters.