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5 Tips To Winterize Your Home

Winter is coming! It's time to start thinking about how you are going to prepare for the upcoming winter weather. Here's a few tips.

Curb Appeal

1. Realign or Replace Windows

Old or drafty windows are the #1 cause for hefty energy costs in the cold. You want your windows to be watertight, airtight and energy efficient.

Before making the decision for new windows, make sure you check all of your sashes are sitting properly. Most windows have simple side lock releases that allow you to remove the entire sash for an easy and quick adjustment.

Do you have older wooden windows? It may be time for replacement. We install windows manufactured in New England that are made for harsh winters boasting incredible ENERGY STAR ratings. Just make sure you get a 5-star professional installer for an air-tight, energy saving experience. View our window options.

2. Check Drainage and Clean Your Gutters

If the soil around your foundation has settled, it creates areas for water to pool. An easy fix is to fill in any low spots with soil. Then check your downspouts and make sure water is moving away from your home. You may consider adding downspout extenders. Saturated soil around your foundation can create real problems as it freezes and thaws throughout winter months.