Repair is often a better choice than replacement.

Maintaining a sound roof should top the list of crucial home repairs. It keeps your home interior warm and dry and protects it from the elements. Damage or signs of wear should call for immediate action to keep water from seeping in and rotting the wood sheathing beneath. Ignoring a problem, even what appears to be a small one, could result in early roof replacement.
If a single, isolated leak is found that affects only a small section of your roof, repair is often the better choice. A leaking roof is more than just a nuisance: it's a gateway to major home damage. That's why it's always best to repair roof leaks as soon as they're discovered. Some signs of a leak can be hard to spot. We would love to come do a professional, thorough and free inspection of your roof.

We can repair your roof with a brand name color match.

Shingle Roofing

The most popular roofing system. Choose from a variety of grades and colors. We 

recommend and install CertainTeed shingles.

Slate Roofing

Classic beauty and remarkable longevity lasting over 100 years. We install the finest

Buckingham and Vermont slate roofing systems. 

Metal Roofing

We install metal shingles, TuffRib, SnapLock, and standing seam metal roofing systems. 

Choose between a wide variety of style and color.

Specialty Roofing

Need a speciality roofing system? With 30+ years installing experience, we can

install just about any type of roofing system.

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