Our story

Perimeter Roofing VA started with two brothers.

PHOTO OF PHILIP AND ANDREW HERE and it should be wide shot

I was born in Lynchburg and I remember the house that we lived in on Oak Ridge Boulevard growing up. And as a young child, I remember running down the street and my mom yelling at me not to run down the street.

Hi! I'm Andrew


Hey! I'm Philip 


And I remember riding my big wheel bike down the sidewalk in my diaper. I did that every day.

And this was back when parents could just let their kids go and just roam the neighborhood. You didn't have to worry about it. We moved. We came back. In eighth grade, I went to a Timberlake Christian School. But then we moved away again. 


I went to Word of Life and then came to Liberty. I ended up walking onto the football team, which was a dream come true. I had always wanted to play football for Liberty. 

I graduated in 2000, when the world was going to come to an end, with a degree in Communication, sales and advertising.

This is our story

I graduated from Liberty University with a degree in Business. And started out working retail, it was fun, but not really fulfilling

In 2008 I went to canine school for about nine weeks and ended up having a drug dog, Domino. Four years later, I wanted to move into vice and narcotics. So I put in for that and I got that in 2012. I had to give Domino to a buddy of mine that I worked with pretty closely. I worked vice and narcotics for four years. And then for about six months, I was on a DEA Drug Task Force base that around up working you know, various undercover type things.


And then, in that time frame while I was in vice, I found out that I was a type one diabetic.


My hours were so crazy, sometimes you get called it through, you know, three in the morning and you go to work for two days and then you come back home and you take the next three days off or something to recoup. So I did have some some flexibility with my time so I started doing just some general handyman construction to make ends meet because you don't make a lot of money as a police officer. So I started just doing general handyman stuff. You know, fixing sinks and doors. I mean, just anything really anything that anybody would have me do.


And being a type one diabetic and working undercover crazy hours and never knowing when you're going to eat or what you're going to eat all this stuff, it just got to be too much and my health started to deteriorate. So I decided to medically retire from the police department.


I had mixed feelings about leaving initially but I'm glad I did now because I like what I do.

Domino and me,

circa YEAR

I had always wanted to get into law enforcement just because I thought it would be good at it and I can break the stereotype of people in law enforcement. And so my wife and I talked about it and I ended up applying to the Lynchburg Police Department just to see what would happen. And six months later, they offered me a job. And I went to police academy. That was back in 2004. And out of police academy, I worked just as like a Beat Cop on the street for four years.

You know, just doing the normal, you know, traffic stuff and all the other stuff that goes along with it. And then I applied to be canine officer.

I was actually pastoring a house church but I was ready to go to work. And then my brother started doing some repair work on the side and I was like, “Man, you know, that's something I would enjoy as well”. 

Andrew + Casey

Andrew and I had done construction off and on for over a decade. We remodeled basements and just knew how to do a lot of work. We've always just been inclined for hands on work. And I landed a construction job and asked my Andrew if he would be interested in working that job with me. We just started talking, he shared with me about how he had been considering leaving the police department and I told him I was interested in going to work.


We started having the conversation...

“What if we started a

company together?”

And we did. We started a construction company called EP Builds and for like three months we put everything into that plan.. And things were going really well. Then Andrew got a call that would change our lives. 

During during the transition between me leaving the police department and not knowing what I was going to do, I got a phone call from my cousin. His best friend from high school had just started a roofing company in Atlanta, Georgia. And they wanted to bring that same idea to Lynchburg, because he is from here. So he called me and asked if I would be interested in coming on board. And during that time, Philip and I working construction together. 

One thing led to another and we ended up kind of holding off on all the construction bit and trying to go full force with with Perimeter Roofing.

Hey! Are you interested in managing a roofing company specialized in insurance restoration? Let me know. 

I was not aware of that. So when I got back, Andrew was in Perimeter gear, and I was confused. I was like, “What's up? What's up with this Perimeter thing?”

And Andrew said he was going to start working for Perimeter.

Maybe a week later, we were driving around, about to go build a patio enclosure for a customer. And Andrew was talking about Perimeter stuff to me and I remember that day, I said to him, “Hey, I wanted in on Perimeter, I want to do this as well”. 

Andrew called the guys in Georgia and they said it was cool that I come on the team. 

And I was open to it, I was open to the discussion. And when I was on vacation with my wife and kids over the Thanksgiving holiday Andrew met with the owners from Georgia. 

And I remember one day we ate lunch at La Carreta and it was the first week in December, but it was like a spring day, it was beautiful outside. A sales guy from Perimeter in Georgia had come out to help us knock on doors and get out name out here. 


So we go over to Poplar Forest in the same neighborhood where my uncle lives. And for the next four hours, we knocked on doors, and we signed seven contracts for new roofing. 

I love La Carreta
Virginia is for Perimeter Roofing VA
It just happened so easily, so fast, that we were like,
"what just happened?" 
And it was the irony of it is that we had no roofing crews, we had no building, we had no employees, we basically just signed these contracts. And at that point, we didn't know what to do beyond that.

And so we decided we were going to give up all of our other work and just focus just on roofing. We put ads on Craigslist for hires and we found our building that we're in now. Literally that same day we found it, we signed a lease on it.

And it just all happened so quickly.


And then it blew up, we just put our heart and soul into it and did everything with integrity.


And one of the things that really helped us people knew our name, because we're from Lynchburg